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Lyft Canada Promo Code

$50 Lyft Canada Promo Code

Get $50 Credit & Free Rides with Lyft Canada Promo Code

Lyft Canada is fully operational in Toronto GTA and Ottawa ON.  In fact besides Uber; now Lyft Canada is another ride options for Canadians. As Lyft Canada is new rideshare service; hence Lyft is offering great incentives for drivers and riders. In fact there is Lyft free rides and $50 ride credit for new riders when they sign up with Lyft Canada promo code.

Therefore if you are not Lyft user yet; and never made an account with Lyft before. Then it is perfect time to get Lyft’s $50 bonus with Lyft promo code. Once you sign up with Lyft Canada promo code; Lyft will add $50 Ride credit in your account right away.

$50 Lyft Canada Promo Code: 50CANADA

Lyft Toronto Promo Code Value $50: CN50

In fact obtaining a $50 Lyft free ride credit is very easy and simple process. However bonus amount might be different for each city or area.  Simply click or tap Lyft promo code to see what Lyft is offering in your city. Although in Canada Lyft is offering $50 ride credit for any new sign up with Lyft promo code. Hence once you click on prom code you will see the bonus amount; add your phone number and claim Lyft free ride credit.

lyft canada promo code

$50 Lyft Canada Promo Code

Best Lyft Canada Promo Code 2019:

If you are looking for best Lyft Canada code; well currently “50CANADA” is best Lyft Canada promo code. This is special promo code exclusively for riders in Canada. In fact with this Lyft Canada promo code you will get $50 ride credit in Toronto and Ottawa ON. All you have to do is to sign up with above code and claim your free ride credit and Lyft’s free rides. Alternatively you can also enter code in Lyft APP manually. To do that in Lyft APP tap on promo and enter promo code. Similarly with skipthedishes promo code you will get discount on food delivery.

Get Lyft First Free Ride With Lyft Canada Promo:

Once you sign up with Lyft code and claimed your free ride credit; next step is how to use it to get free ride. Moreover remember $50 credit doesn’t mean you can use it all on one long trip. In fact Lyft will give you $10 discount per ride.

How to use Lyft free ride credit:

For instance if total cost of you single ride is $30; then after adding discount it will cost you only $20. However if your ride is very short then it will be free. So either you can have 5 short distance Lyft free ride or you can use Lyft credit as a $10 discount on each up to 5 rides. Also remember Lyft free ride credit will expire in 15 days; so don’t wait and use is as soon as you can.

How Lyft’s services are in Canada?

Lyft started their operation in Canada back in 2018 and right now Lyft is only sole Uber’s competitor in Canada. Lyft got 10,000 drivers in just first five months after arrival in Canada; specifically from Toronto GTA. Similarly numbers of riders who joined Lyft are in thousands; since Lyft is offering $20 to $50 in ride free credit therefore day by day Lyft’s customers are increasing. According to newspaper over 50,000 riders from Toronto download the Lyft App. Although currently Lyft is only active in Toronto GTA and Ottawa ON; moreover soon Lyft will start their services in Alberta.

Lyft Canada Coverage:

After Lyft arrival in Canada; Lyft’s main hub is Toronto GTA. In fact those thousands of driver and riders who joined Lyft are mostly from Toronto GTA. In fact nowadays working as a Lyft driver is one of top self employed business in Canada. Moreover for this reason Lyft is fully operational in Toronto GTA and offering all type of rides in Toronto GTA. We will explain type of Lyft Canada rides in below section.

Lyft Toronto Coverage:

In Greater Toronto Area you may get Lyft rides in few minutes. If you need a Lyft ride in downtown it will be at you pick up location within minutes. Although you might need to wait for ride if you live more north side such as Newmarket etc.

Moreover in Toronto GTA Lyft is offering all type of rides. Hence you can request the lowest fare ride such as shared or you can have your own simple Lyft ride. You can also have XL rides if you are more than 4 passengers. Furthermore there are also Lyft Luxury rides; although mostly people don’t request these rides.

Lyft Ottawa Coverage:

If can also request a Lyft ride in Ottawa ON; in fact Lyft Ottawa service area exists from all the way Cumberland to Goulbourn; and from the shore of Ottawa river to Emerald Links Golf & Country Club Ottawa ON.

In Ottawa you can only get simple Lyft ride or XL ride. There is no shared and Luxury option in Ottawa ON.

What type of ride Lyft’s offering in Canada?

As we know that currently in Canada Lyft is only available in Toronto GTA and Ottawa ON. Generally Lyft offer multiple ride options; such as Shared, Lyft, XL, LUX, LUX Black and LUX Black XL. Hence depending on your needs you can request one.

You may choose Shared or simple Lyft ride; if you need cheap and affordable ride.  If you are more than four riders than you may request Lyft XL; most probably you will get minivan or SUV. In this ride you can have up to six seating capacity; moreover Lyft XL also suitable if you are 4 passengers and have an extra luggage.

Lyft’s LUX, LUX Black and LUX Black XL are Lyft’s luxury rides. Moreover this group contain high end luxury cars and obliviously expensive and more fare than normal Lyft rides.

Lyft Canada Toronto Rides:

In Toronto Lyft is offering following ride: Shared, Lyft, XL, LUX, LUX Black and LUX Black XL.

Ottawa ON Lyft Canada Rides:

Lyft is offering only Lyft and XL rides in Ottawa ON.

Tips for Lyft Existing User to get free ride credit:

If  you are already a Lyft user then you will not get any signup bonus with these Lyft promo codes. However you will may get Lyft’s free ride credit when you share your own codes. Hence you can share your promo code among with your friends and family. You can also create a blog or website to share your codes; here is simple steps to create a website.







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