Top Self-Employed Business in Canada 2019

In fact running your own business and making money with your hobbies is sounds very appealing. You might be wondering that if I could every make any money while working from home? You might heard of many people are making money from home; either doing something online or selling their products etc.

In fact on the internet you may find multiple ways to make money online; however many of their method are old; such as online surveys, reviews etc.

Today we bring for you top self-employed business ideas that actually people are doing in Canada in 2019. Our list contains online business, work from home and self- employed business ideas that you can start in Canada. Here are top business ideas:

  • Driver with Rideshare
  • Provide Services
  • Blogging
  • Sell Online
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Know your Skills and Weakness

Before we dive into details; first thing first before starting or even planning any business; you should ask yourself; what I am good at? What are my skills? What are my weaknesses?

In fact everyone is different from other; and you might have special talent that sets you apart from others. The ideal situation is to turn your talent into business and start earning from it. For instance if you are good at social media you might turn your social media skill into social media marketing services. Therefore make sure you plan your business thoroughly before starting any business.

Drive with Uber or Lyft:

When I say drive with Uber or Lyft it doesn’t mean you have to be a full time rideshare driver. If you own a car and use it for daily work commute; why not let someone sit beside you and head toward same destination. Moreover if it is not ideal; you may work on weekends only and can earn $500 easily.

Furthermore if you own a car and want to become Lyft drive in Canada; you don’t have to spend any money on startup. You just need a safety certificate; which can be obtained from any certified mechanic shop in $60 to $70.

I don’t like driving:

Hold on! If you don’t like driving no problem; you can still earn money without driving a single day. Yes Uber and Lyft offer great referral bonus; there are different bonus amount for each rider and driver referral. All you have to do is to share your referral code or Lyft promo code and when someone join with your Lyft promo code Canada; you will get referral bonus. In fact I have earned from Lyft $1000 referral bonus for one particular driver signup. Moreover you can also get food credit when you refer someone with skip the dishes promo code.

You may share your codes on social media, make a rides-hare news blog or can share directly to you family and friends.

Provide Services:

Are you a tech guy? Or you got other technical skills? You can simply adverts yourself for services and start a services provider business.

There are many people out there who know how to fix a computer, repair cars, fix home appliance, small home repair jobs etc. So if you got any of these skills; why not get a call from neighbors so you can provide services and grab some cash.

How to advertise your service?

If you thinking how they will know you that you are providing specific services? Well don’t worry about it; in fact Google map made it very easy. You can add your business into Google map; simply you can put your business name and contact info etc. these days people search in Google when they need something to be repaired; and beauty of Google map is that it will match nearest service providers.

You can also use Kijiji, Craigslist or similar sites; you can place an ad in services section. In order to get more repose from free ads site; make sure you submit fresh ad daily.

Depending on nature of your repair services you might need some investment in the beginning. For instance you might need some new tools or perhaps a car if you don’t have yet. But don’t jump right away into it and invest big amount; start with minimal initial cost and invest more once your business start generating income.

Moreover once you establish your reputation in the area; eventually you will get more work with references. Also later you can have your own business website and you can also run paid advertisements.


Service providers who make house calls are very common these days; you might have seen many people who provide onsite services. Some of onsite service providers are given below:

  • Onsite Tech Support (computer repair)
  • Mobile Mechanics (repair cars)


As I mentioned above if you are not interested in driving Uber or Lyft; you may just start referring people with your referral code. No doubt you can share your referral code at many places but in order to work it effectively you might need a blog or website. In fact that is one aspect of making money with blogging; and there are multiple other ways to turn your blog into business.

Besides if you have knowledge and skills about specific top; you can turn your knowledge into a home based business by starting your blog.

But to be honest if you are beginning with blogging; it will takes a while to bring you any money maybe few months. You might not get enough audience or visitor to your blog; it is because your blog is fresh. It might take some time for search engines (Google) to rank your blog in search results. But eventually once you have quality content; you will see that your blog visitors are increasing.

How I will earn from my blog?

You can earn from your blog in the following ways:

  • Advertisements (run ads on your blog)
  • Sell E-books, Guides, Ideas or App
  • Sell a service

Once there is traffic on your blog; you can run ads on your blog. For instance you can get Google AdSense account and get ads from there; put them on your blog. Hence these ads on you blog will generate revenue for you; each impressions and per click (when someone click on ad) will generate money. But ads earning depends on impression and clicks; perhaps in the beginning there will be small revenue but it will increase gradually. In fact there are bloggers who generate $100 per day with ads only.

Besides ads you can sell books, create a guide about something or sell a service. For instance if you are a designer and your blog is about designing tips; so you can put a banner there “need a logo design get in touch”.

Affiliate Marketing:

Another great way to earn money from your blog is affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing you are going to advertise for another company on your website; and when you generate any sales for them they will give you either percentage of the sales or fixed amount per sales.

You can sign up for affiliate program with any company who offers such; or you sign up from affiliate marketing management companies such a CJ Affiliates or ShareAsale. They have thousands of merchants with different categories; you may choose merchants that are related to your blog.

For instance if you blog is about web design and at your blog you explain how to make a website. Hence in order to anyone make a website they need domain and hosting right. So if you become affiliate with bluehost domain name and hosting provider; you can simply add your affiliate link into the post at where you are explaining “how to make website process”.  Therefore when someone buys hosting from your affiliate link; bluehost will pay approximately $65 per signup.

Moreover when you explore CJ Affiliates or ShareAsale; you will see there are hundreds of merchants in different categories such as Auto, Books, Clothing, Electronic, Games, Health and Insurance etc.

Social Media Marketing:

Nowadays Social media marketing is grate way to introduce your business or product to a huge audience. Many medium and small business owners always look for unique ways to use social media and boost their business.

So if you are a social media person and have knowledge about prompting business or product over a social media network; then you might be a person that is needed by many business.

You can reach out different small business within your area; send them an email about your plan that how you can help them to market their business over the social media.  Besides you can also market your own blog, affiliate product or service over social media.